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A Broadened Worldview

Pet Ploy, a young man in our community who had his season of testing boundaries and getting into trouble, is now a faithful husband and father to two little ones. He recently told us about the things he remembers learning as a teen in our discipleship group. Every summer we took the teens to a retreat in town, staying overnight in a high rise condo on the beach, worshiping God and reading the Bible, cooking meals and eating together. Pet Ploy looks back on those retreats and says that they broadened his perspective about life. They made him realize that there's a lot more in the world than what he knew growing up. He currently works as assistant to our village headman, speaking in front of rooms full of people, and he says that having had experiences at these retreats now gives him the confidence to lead and speak in front of others.

Giving kids different kinds of experiences with places and people different than themselves can powerfully influence their perspective about life. If a person only knows life as they experienced growing up, they might never have a desire for something better.

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