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Children's Center

The Center is a space for kids to learn and grow. In our after-school program, we create opportunities for children and teens to play, work together as a team, develop work ethic and hear the good news of Jesus.

On weekdays after school, kids come to the Center to work on homework, play sports, read books and hear a story from the Bible. They also help take care of the Center's chickens. At the end of the week, they take fresh eggs home to their families. 

On Saturdays, we get together for games, worship, a Bible lesson, lunch and sports. Every gathering at the Center is a special time to connect with kids. It's a space to get to know them, build relationships and it lays the foundation to invite them to join discipleship groups.


How We Started

When we first began working with the ethnic Karen families in Pa Deng, we noticed that the kids had a hard time completing their homework. Many of their parents are unable to help them with homework because they either never went to school or don't know how to read or write in Thai. We began the after-school program to help with homework because we believe that education transforms children's futures.

Discipleship Groups

An essential aspect of personal development happens in fellowship with others. Discipleship groups are an opportunity for students to connect more deeply with one another and with God.


We encourage our students to express their ideas about life and faith and we help them understand their identity in Jesus. When they know who God created them to be, they can more confidently live out the great plans He has for their lives. 


Timothy Project

We currently meet once a week with an older guys' group and an older girls' group, studying the basics of what it means to believe and live a life following Jesus. Each of these young people asked to join the groups. We're excited to see them taking initiative to dig deeper into God's Word.

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